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Dining Room

Why Choose Us

Extraordinary is a bold word. It conjures up all kinds of associations. Art can be extraordinary. Feats of architectural achievement can be extraordinary. Both are one of a kind. For something to be considered extraordinary, it must be different and it must “wow” us. But often inherent in this comes the perception that the extraordinary is out of reach, untouchable or impractical. It’s only for special moments. We aim to change that.

Creating livable masterpieces

At Solid Space Construction, we take the everyday — your living space — and make it extraordinary. After all, why shouldn’t we try to live our lives surrounded by beauty? Can a kitchen or bathroom or master suite be extraordinary? Absolutely. Does it become less extraordinary when we use it every day? We think not.

With a fresh and progressive approach to every space, we blend exquisite materials with everyday living to make your everyday extraordinary. From our first visit, we work to realize your unique vision for your home.  We draw on decades of experience creating and engineering signature spaces to craft breathtaking interiors that enrich your unique life.

Creative vision, engineered to endure

As you dream about what your home could be, the possibilities are always exciting. But this is usually tempered with the challenge of finding the right renovator to flawlessly accomplish your project. Allowing someone into your home, let alone having them make significant changes, requires a lot of trust. You need to be sure that the company you choose respects both your home and your vision and delivers a product and process that is seamless and enjoyable.

Solid Space Construction gets it right. From beginning to end, we’ll help you live the picture you’ve been dreaming of, engineering it with elegance, and building it from the ground up so that it endures. The result is a functional masterpiece. Art for living.

Everyday can be extraordinary

 And when it’s all done, and you’ve been enjoying it for years, you’ll know from experience that extraordinary doesn’t describe something beyond reach or once in a lifetime. It’s about a space, created for you and unique to you. Because of that space, each day, in all its regularity, can be special.